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These pursuits have been known to take solar months or sometimes Terran years as the Master of the Hunt tracks his quarry from warzone to warzone and world to world across the width and breadth of the galaxy. While Kor'sarro accepted the gift, many believe this cybernetic lifeform may be used by Jubal to spy on Kor'sarro's future activities on behalf of the Chapter. 10 comments. A second Impulsor would carry the Assault Intercessors and Primaris Chaplain. Though at times the hunt may be postponed as wars and other more pressing duties for the Chapter interfere, it is never abandoned. Kor'sarro Khan is the holder of the White Scars specific title 'Master of the Hunt', being the lethal swordsman and huntsman that he is he has been put in charge of bringing the severed heads of his enemies back to the White Scars fortress-monastery. Whether mounted upon his famed Assault Bike, Moondrakkan, or hurtling into battle in the armoured hold of a Rhino or Stormraven gunship, the Khan runs his prey to ground with the unfailing tenacity of a born killer. His other targets have included the Daemon Prince known as Doomrider, and the Chaos Lord Paramyx of the Blighted Claw warband of Chaos Space Marines, who barely escaped with his life during the daemonic invasion of the Agri-world of Gehöft. Thus did the battle devolve into a duel atop bleeding bodies and broken machines. Free shipping. $10.91 White Scars Legion Leviathan Pattern Siege Dreadnought BODY ... White Scars Mk II Torsos Upgrade Set bits 5. As the flesh burned and peeled, the hymn of vengeance was sung, and the quarry's name was struck from the roster of the hunt. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Primaris space marines white scars kor'sarro Khan new sealed box warhammer 40k at the best online prices at … Several of the fugitives were slain by Obyron's Warscythe, leaving only Kor'sarro and an Eldar Ranger by the name of Illic Nightspear to fight on, and the latter swiftly received a blow that sent him sprawling from the fight. White Scars Mk II Torsos Upgrade Set bits 3. The khan of the 3rd Brotherhood has faced many daunting foes and great challenges during his service with the Chapter, including facing an Alpha Level psyker on Delta Arbuthnot where the entire planet's population of Ratling agri-serfs was mind-controlled by the psyker and forced to raise arms against Imperial landowners, using their shovels against guards with autoguns. At a bizarre feast, where food was placed before Zahndrekh and his court but went uneaten, Kor'sarro learned he was but one of a dozen prisoners. [1a] Since becoming a Primaris Space Marine he wields the Psyber Berkut Anzuq. In 865.M41 Kor'sarro Khan drove Voldorius from his foremost stronghold on the Hive World of Modanna. The White Scars' citadel is high in the Khum Karta Mountains of Chogoris; the road is long, yet the silvered heads of the slain line every pace of its passage. The quarry's name is struck from the roster of the hunt, and its head masked in silver and set upon a lance, destined to forever stare out over the approach to the White Scars' Fortress-Monastery. But before Obyron could finish his foe, there was an intervention from an unexpected source. Primaris Kayvaan Shrike. "Surround yourself with the greatest warriors at your command, or cower in the deepest and darkest hole you can find. save. This could lead to him disappearing on the same turn he was summoned, completely wasting the points spent on him which sucked ass. Khan got the Primaris treatment recently to boost his stats in the new codex. share. Due to distribution restrictions we are only able to ship this product to the United States, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. [9a], Kor'sarro Khan before becoming a Primaris Space Marine[1a], Kor'sarro Khan as a Primaris Space Marine (8th Edition)[8]. By 871.M41, Kor'sarro Khan tracked Kernax Voldorius to the planet Quintus. Kor’sarro Khan is the Captain of the White Scars 3 rd Company and the Master of the Hunt. Afterwards Chapter Master of the Scars Jubal Khan, grievously tortured by the Red Corsairs and thought to be suffering mentally, granted Kor'sarro his Psyber Berkut Anzuq. ... Age of Sigmar Warhammer Fantasy Battle Spare Bits & Pieces. Deathwatch Primaris Apothecary. Warhammer Community - Apocalypse Mega-battle and Warhammer 40,000 Preview! Conversion. - posted in + WHITE SCARS +: I went to buy the (fairly new) Korsarro Khan model today and it says no longer available on line; different obviously to the temporarily out of stock message you sometimes see. Related Products. With the defeat of the Chaos forces and Voldorius dead by his hands, Kor'sarro Khan announced his sixteenth Great Hunt to be at an end. $0.99 New---- Used; No ratings or reviews yet. $1.50. Pre Order; Warhammer 40K I finished buying the bits for Qin Xa days … Kor'sarro and Nightspear parted ways shortly after, the Eldar to his Craftworld and the White Scar to Chogoris. War tasks us to rise to the challenge and sweep away our foes in fire and blood. Kor'sarro led a great charge by White Scars reinforcements that threw back the Chaos forces and reclaimed the planet for the Emperor. He’s a very standard Captain, though he has a power sword that inflicts Instant Death on a 6 to wound.Just like for the Executioners, it’s a handy ability when it works but it won’t allow Khan to deal with real combat monsters. Pics and details of … Despite his best efforts, Shadowsun survived, excelling herself in both strategy and tactics and proving a worthy opponent even in close quarters combat. His Thunderhawk was shot down and despite a stubborn resistance, Kor'sarro and his men were taken prisoner. Kor’sarro is now accompanied by the cyber berkut Anzuq, a gift from the Chapter Master Jubal Khan. Weighing in at a very reasonable 105 pts, he’s basically a Primaris Captain with a special (and pretty good) melee weapon in Moonfang: A S6 AP-3 D3 Damage sword which can re-roll wounds and damage against characters. Endast ett exemplar kvar! However despite his best efforts, Shadowsun survived. It matters not. $12.99 Primaris Feirros. There were a lot of very nice characters on bikes out there to find pictures of on the internet, but none that I saw and really liked. home » warhammer 40000 bits » adeptus astartes » primaris space marines » primaris characters » kor'sarro khan KOR'SARRO KHAN Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 products) Unknown to either combatants, Zahndrekh has been watching the fight from afar and, impressed by the Khan's skill and bravery, ordered Obyron to stand aside and let him leave. He was backed up by a unit of Assault Intercessors in an Impulsor. I shall take your head for the Great Khan and for the Emperor.". Kor'sarro soon learned that he was but one of dozens of prisoners and devised an escape with the Eldar Ranger Illic Nightspear. Kor'sarro Khan White Scars Space Marine Classic Resin Model Warhammer 40k OOP. $28.00. Over time, however, the White Scars inflicted such horrendous casualties upon the Tau leader's personal cadre that her cool demanour was replaced by simmering fury. The White Scars discovered no mere warband, but a whole planet of Traitors and Renegades ready to stand against them, but Kor'sarro was not deterred. Though he would have remained no matter the cost until his oath was fulfilled or he was slain by the T'au, a call from the White Scars Chapter Master Jubal Khan came from Chogoris. So did Kor'sarro begin a peculiar period of captivity beneath the surface of Cano'var. KOR'SARRO KHAN Primaris White Scars Army Showcase. Doomrider is an old Warhammer 40,000 Slaaneshi special character hailing from 3rd Edition. You can put Moonfang down man, I don’t have any issues with this model – it’s great! Either a Battle Leader or a Lieutenant, depending on your adherence to Codex standards. Another such battle was for the Third Moon of Woebetide where, as a Scout Marine many solar decades previously, Kor'sarro fought the Warp entities known as Enslavers. Kor'sarro Khan is the White Scars Chapter's 51st Master of the Hunt -- an individual honorific since the days of the Chapter's Primarch Jaghatai Khan and a title that is unique to the White Scars Chapter. Zahndrekh treated him with honour, through few of the other Necron Lords even acknowledged his presence. WHITE SCARS KORSARRO KHAN. WHITE SCARS KORSARRO KHAN. To aid him in his hunt, Kor'sarro will often select a small group of Battle brothers from his own company. $12.99. War calls us all, my brothers. Twittra Dela Google+ Pinterest Tipsa en vän *: *: * Fråga oss om detta spel! Your Rating. This 21-piece plastic set makes one Captain Kor'sarro Khan and is supplied with one 40mm Citadel round base. The head itself was masked in silver and set upon a lance, and laid upon the highest walls of the White Scars' fortress, destined forever to stare out with its hollow gaze over the approach to the fortress-monastery. Apocalypse Mega-battle and Warhammer 40,000 Preview! Kor'sarro Khan is Captain of the White Scars 3rd Company and the Chapter's fifty-first Master of the Hunt. When i… [1a][1b] His other quarries have included the Daemon Prince known as Doomrider[5], and the Chaos Warlord Paramyx, who barely escaped his retribution during the Daemon incursion on Gehöft. His hunt was remorseless, turning the speed and aggression of the White Scars to the solitary goal of destroying the mastermind behind the T'au's war machine. Warhammer 40k Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. It matters not. Every step of the long road leading to the White Scars' citadel is lined in this manner. Khan's head is seperate. Obyron has served as Zahndrekh's Vargard since their very first campaign when both were still living beings -- an undignified but successful series of skirmishes in the swamps of Yama -- and has stood steadfast at his side ever since, both on the field of battle and off it. The Necron victory proved short-lived, however. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items WHITE SCARS KOR'SARRO KHAN. Despite the millennia-old rivalry that exists between their two Chapters, the White Scars and Raven Guard put aside their differences and joined forces to defeat Voldorius' armies; Shrike and Kor'sarro slew the Daemon Prince in the streets of the planetary-capital of Mankarra. Kor'sarro Khan, Captain of the 3rd Fellowship of the White Scars Chapter, wielding his power sword Moonfang. Kor'Sarro Khan on his bike Moondrakkan And the view from the rear, a good shot of the tire and his cloak, and if you look closely you can see the saddle back I added back on the bike with some green stuff as the original is now long gone. However, he sought to gain revenge upon the forces of Chaos for all they had done to the Chapter, and so he accepted the Rubicon Primaris transformation into a Primaris Space Marine. He now possesses the Psyber Berkut Anzuq. As always, check out Frontline Gaming for more tactics and reviews! [11], In 813.M41, Khan was called to launch a punitive raid against the Tau world of Cano'var. He can loose this hunting hawk upon a target, softening them up before the inevitable charge. Shortly after the Khan's return to his Chapter planet, Nemesor Zahndrekh and Vargard Obyron were added to the Scrolls of Venegance, their names to be put forward as possible quarry for the next Great Hunt of the White Scars Chapter. The Khan's great oath had yet to be fulfilled, and upon Prefectia, he would pursue it more determinedly than ever. Only when Vargard Obyron took command did things go badly for the escapees. Not only is Kor’sarro getting a new Primaris Upgraded version, he’s also got an improved statline to match: He’s also still weilding his trusty blade Moonfang – and he will mess-up other enemy characters! Today's Hobby Update features Primaris Kor'sarro Khan for my White Scars army. Add to Cart. A distinguished leader for the Space Wolves. Quality. Posted by 7 days ago. Primaris Chief Librarian Tigurius. Yet the Khan's barbaric exterior hides a deep spirituality and strategic acumen that makes him a far deadlier opponent than he might at first seem, for he is also an inspiring leader and cunning tactician. Upon making planetfall, Kor'sarro Khan found unexpected allies in the form of Shadow Captain Kayvaan Shrike and the Raven Guard 3rd Company. The Maser of the Hunt met Shadowsun several times, engaging her in person at Blackshale Ridge. Khan is back and better than ever in this edition of the Space Marines book. Khan and Nightspear were left the only survivors and were forced to do battle with the powerful Necron Vanguard, but in the end both were defeated. The White Scars homeworld was under attack by the Heretic Astartes of the Red Corsairs and their allies among the Forces of Chaos as part of Abaddon the Despoiler's 13th Black Crusade. Kor'sarro met Shadowsun in battle several times, engaging her in person at Acacia Hive and taking battle to her personal cadre at Blackshale Ridge. Kor'Sarro Khan with Moonfang riding Moondrakkan left side I wanted to make my own version of Moondrakkan, since Games Workshop didn't seem like they were in any hurry to put one out of their own. Stick to the shadows - Strike from the darkness - Victorus aut Mortis - Ravenguard 1st Company ฿1,400.00. Unlike his master, whose perceptions were damaged during the long period in stasis in such a way that he believes he is reliving the glories of the Necrontyr past before biotran… -+ Lägg till i varukorgen. This led her to miscalculate and fall into an Imperial ambush at Voltoris, which Kor'sarro Khan helped plan. The hymn of vengeance is sung as the flesh burns and peels. 0 0 items. ... Imperial Guard Cadian Command Officer Head Bits X2. [6], Kor'sarro's first hunt concluded on the third moon of the gas giant planet Mai Nine. After the birth of the Great Rift in the Era Indomitus, Kor'sarro Khan arrived at a critical juncture during the war to reclaim the White Scars homeworld of Chogoris from an invasion by the Red Corsairs Heretic Astartes and Daemons. White Scars Legion Praetor. Above all other Astartes Chapters, it is the White Scars who choose to seek out the blood of an adversary who, through a quirk of fate or artifice, has faced them in battle and lived to tell the tale. His torso and legs are one piece, his left arm, sword, and right hand are one piece, his right arm down to the wrist is one piece, and his backpack and cloak are one. While Kor'sarro accepted the gift, many believe this may be being used by Jubal to spy on Kor'sarro. Nonetheless Kor'sarro managed to inflict such casualties on her command staff that her cool demeanor was replaced by a simmering fury. You might be confused by the whole 'Khan' thing, I think in the White Scars fluff 'Khan' is the equivilant of 'Captain' or 'Tribal leader', so Khan isn't Kor'sarro Khan's surname, its his rank. Crunch []. Khan is a cool character and he’s got a dude’s head in his hand so I’m not going to talk bad about him. Claiming Voldorius' head as a gloried prize, Kor'sarro Khan left Quintus and returned to a hero's welcome at the White Scars' fortress-monastery of Quan Zhou on Chogoris (a world officially known to the Administratum as Mundus Planus) where it was set on a pike on the road to the White Scars' fortress, so that all might know that no foe of the Chapter ever truly escapes the Emperor's justice. An overwhelming volley of Gauss Weapons fire destroyed the White Scars' Thunderhawks moments after they landed, leaving Khan and his Battle-Brothers to fight a bold, but doomed, series of hit-and-run battles. Khan's sword was quicker and guided by a desperate fury, but Obyron's undying machine body repaired any damage within only moments. Once more, however, she escaped. On deck for review: the guy everyone's talking about, Kor'Sarro Khan of the White Scars. In the resulting ambush, Kor'sarro Khan wounded Shadowsun grievously, coming within a hand's breadth of decapitating her with his sword. $1.50. However Shadowsun escaped his clutches yet again, and he pledged to slay the Tau during Prefectia Campaign. Upon Kor'sarro's return to Chogoris, carrying the severed head of his quarry, a great celebration is held. 1 star 2 stars 3 stars 4 stars 5 stars. Little by little, the Khan tired, and the sweeping Warscythe came closer to connecting with each swing. Doomrider had to be summoned, and would disappear at the end of his turn if you rolled a 1 on a d6. Every twenty-five years, at the height of the Rites of Howling, the Master of the Hunt is dispatched to seek out a foe who, through luck or skill, has survived a confrontation with the White Scars[1a]. $12.99. hide. Upon Kor'sarro's return to Chogoris, carrying the severed head of his quarry, a great celebration is held. I gave him the relic Crozius and the Chogorian Storm warlord trait for extra attacks on the charge. Bit strange, can the mould really have run out this quickly? Every twenty-five years, at the height of the Rites of Howling, the Master of the Hunt is dispatched to seek out a foe who, through luck or skill, has survived a confrontation with the White Scars[1a]. [7], After the creation of the Great Rift Kor'sarro Khan arrived at a critical juncture during the War for Chogoris, leading a charge that saved the White Scars homeworld from a force of Red Corsairs and Daemons. $12.99. Unknown to either combatant, the entire battle was monitored by Zahndrekh himself, who, impressed by Kor'sarro's bravery and skill, and allowed both to depart. The White Scars will not allow such enemies to revel in the small victory of their survival. Sooner or later, the quarry is tracked, cornered and beheaded. The Necrons were slow to react and so the breakout went well at first. Value. Be the first to write a review. [9a], Kor'sarro Khan goes into combat riding the bike Moondrakkan and armed with a bolt pistol and the ancient power sword Moonfang. Following Marneus Calgar across the Rubicon Primaris, we have Kor’sarro Khan, and he’s a beast. "Surround yourself with the greatest warriors at your command, or cower in the deepest and darkest hole you can find. Kor’sarro Khan. Games Workshop Warhammer 40K Starter Sets. $12.99. Attempt at Kor’Sarro Khan conversion. The ensuing breakout went well at first, but soon turned to disaster when they were confronted by Obyron. In 999.M41, over the course of the war for Agrellan, Kor'sarro Khan swore a blood oath to take the head of Commander Shadowsun, the Tau Commander who served as Supreme Commander of the T'au Empire Third Sphere Expansion's primary expeditionary force. Fierce to the point of savagery, bold to the point of recklessness and brash to the point of insubordination, he is nonetheless one of the Chapter’s most accomplished warriors and it for good reason that he holds the title of Master of the Hunt. When it is done, Kor'sarro surrenders the severed prey's head to the High Chaplain, who takes up a brand from the flames and burns the eyes from the skull. Fierce to the point of savagery, bold to the point of recklessness and brash to the point of insubordination, he is nonetheless one of the Chapter’s most accomplished warriors and it for good reason that he holds the title of Master of the Hunt. After failing to do so once more following the T'au's great victory during the Prefectia Campaign, Kor'sarro next hunted the Tau Supreme Commander during the Second Agrellan Campaign, again without success. Some of the White Scars' greatest enemies were slain by Kor'sarro Khan, such as the Daemon Prince Kernax Voldorius and Eldar Pirate lord Varaliel. Kor'sarro Khan personifies the tip of the hunter's spear, the hardened point of the blade, and his warriors follow him with a devotion bordering upon worship. "- Kor'sarro Khan.[1a]. Afterwards the White Scars Chapter Master Jubal Khan, grievously tortured by the Red Corsairs and thought to be suffering mental distress, granted Kor'sarro his Psyber Berkut named Anzuq and essentially appointed the khan as the Chapter's war leader because of his own physical incapacity.

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